ND-UR002 Remotely Operated Vehicle


ND-UR002 Remotely Operated Vehicle is powered by lithium battery, and equipped with more than six fully sealed maintenance-free oil-filled thrusters, which can realize flexible and free movement underwater. This underwater remotely operated vehicle is equipped with lighting, camera and other components to provide real-time video images and data for the operators of the dry end.

With modular design, ND-UR002 Remotely Operated Vehicle / underwater remotely operated vehicle can be flexibly equipped with underwater pan-tilt, obstacle avoidance sonar, image sonar, robotic arm (single and dual function), etc. according to the specific requirements, to facilitate various underwater tasks.

Our remote operated vehicle / underwater remotely operated vehicle / remotely operated underwater vehicle for sale provides an excellent means for exploring the underwater environment, conducting observations, and carrying out patrols. With competitive pricing, our remotely operated underwater vehicles for sale ensure underwater tasks can be accomplished with ease and high efficiency.


  • Flexible and mobile
    Equipped with more than 6 thrusters, the thrust is more powerful, translation and rotation in any direction can be achieved.
  • Easy to use
    The oil-filled thrusters are fully sealed and maintenance-free, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Strong extensibility
    Able to be equipped with a variety of functional units according to the requirements to complete various underwater tasks.
  • Lightweight and portable
    Only 18kg, light and portable, easy to deploy and withdraw, perfect fit for practical applications.


Underwater Vehicle
Dimensions460 x 350 x 260mm (L x W x H)
Maximum dive depth≥300m
Thrusters≥6 (single thruster thrust: ≥5.8kgf, vertical load capacity: ≥6kg)
Lighting2 LED lights
(illuminance: ≥4000Lux, 6 adjustable brightness)
PTZ Camera x 1Built-in, servo angle: ±60°, resolution: ≥1080P, wide angle: ≥110°, effective pixel: ≥200W
Sensors9 axis attitude sensor, depth sensor, electronic compass, temperature sensor
Working temperature-20℃-65℃
Weight (in air)≤18kg
Parameters displayed in terminalVideo, date, time, water depth, speed, heading, temperature, attitude
yaw angle, pitch angle, motion mode, LED, equipment power, etc.
Battery tankWith shift start switch, integrated external charging port, removable high-performance lithium battery, working time: ≥3 hours


Underwater Robotic Arm
DimensionsMaximum outer diameter: ≤45mm; Length: ≥300mm;
Claw jointClamping range: ≥90mm; Maximum clamping force: ≥150N
Rotating jointRated torque: ≥3N·m; Rotation range: 360°


Ground Station
Dimensions≤520 x 430 x 230mm (L x W x H)
Display screenSize: ≥19 inches (colorful); Brightness: ≥1000cd/m²
Host configurationi5 processor, ≥8GB memory, 512 GB hard disk
InterfaceUSB x 2, ROV communication x 1, charging interface x 1
SystemWindows 10 LTSC system, system blue screen with one-click
recovery function, supporting ROV control software
Power display moduleYes
JoystickDistance of the forward and backward joystick and the latent
joystick: ≥240mm; Length of the joystick: ≥45mm
FunctionsIntegrating with camera button, depth control button, navigation control button, camera pan-tilt control lever, throttle control lever and light control lever
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