ND-BD002 Directional Anti-Drone Jammer


ND-BD002 Directional Anti-Drone Jammer is specifically designed and developed to interfere the navigation signal of drone and block the communication link between the drone and its remote-controller by emitting electromagnetic waves, and thereby force it to land or return.

The jammer has the advantages of long-distance, wide-angle, directional jamming mechanism, etc., which could be equipped with a portable tripod or put on fixed installation. Thanks to short disposal time and low transmitting power, the jammer has small impact on electromagnetic environment.


• Precise jamming without violence
• 6 frequency bands of jamming signals (frequency bands and output power can be customized)
• Support automatic/manual mode switching
• Remote control frequency jamming: coverage of all available civil drones
• Directional high-gain antennas mounted on Pan-Tilt platform can effectively track drone and transmit jamming signal in the direction of the drone
• Frequency jamming can be done automatically upon drone detection or supervisor assistance


Output bandFrequency bandChannel output powerTotal output power
Output power6 Bands410-440MHz50W300W
Jamming distance3km
Power supply220V, AC power
Power consumption600W
Physical and environmentWeight18kg
Protection gradeIP65
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