Anti-Drone Solution

Anti-Drone Solutions

With exponentially sales of drones around the world, the threat posed by the weaponization of recreational drones already is a reality. The unregulated proliferation of drones in most countries poses a significant danger and threat to their national security. Military bases, public buildings, critical infrastructures, power stations, offshore oil & gas platforms, sport stadiums, mass gathering events, and political leaders are all vulnerable to drone attacks. Terrorists have already used drones to launch attacks against civilian and military targets around the world.

Counter Drone Solutions

The illegal drone threat can no longer be ignored and should be addressed with appropriate anti-drone technology immediately. We have designed and developed Anti-Drone Solutions that effectively and efficiently neutralize the threat of drones.

Relying on our cutting-edge long-range detecting and jamming technology, the Anti-Drone System can efficiently detect any kind of drones, from micro-drones to large drones, and force them to land, hover or return. Typically, micro-drones may be detected at a quite long distance, allowing sufficient time to respond to the threats. In addition, the system can visually track the detected drone by a thermal camera or an external PTZ camera to collect crucial data for further analysis.

Anti-Drone Technology

Advanced anti-drone technologies have been employed in our Anti-Drone Solutions, including but not limited to 3D active phased-array radar technology, radio frequency spectrum technology, radio frequency jamming technology and optical sensor technology. With the innovation of anti-drone technology, our anti-drone systems have achieved significant improvement in performance and effectiveness, as drone trackers and drone blockers.

Anti-Drone Systems

In our Anti-Drone Solutions, both stationary and portable/handheld anti-drone systems are provided. Adopting advanced anti-drone technology and sophisticated algorithms, ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System could satisfy the demands of most application scenarios, with long detecting and jamming range and stable performance. As superior drone tracker and drone blocker, ND-BU002 High-End Anti-Drone System is equipped with upgraded active radar, directional jammer and camera, providing more powerful anti-drone capabilities. Equipped with passive radar (RF detector), ND-BU003 Passive Anti-Drone System could achieve direction measurement of target drones with 360-degree detection coverage and regional three-dimensional protection. With four active radars as drone trackers / detectors, ND-BU004 Base Security Anti-Drone System has outstanding performance in detection speed, detection accuracy and simultaneous detection of multiple targets. ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System consists of full-band RF detector and full-band directional jammer, which offers comprehensive protection for key low-altitude areas.

As higher requirements on mobile and flexible operations are placed for new application scenarios and multi-device joint deployment, a strong demand for portable / handheld drone tracker and drone blocker has been raised. To satisfy such demand, in our Anti-Drone Solutions, ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System is provided, as a portable anti-drone gun integrating the functions of drone tracker and drone blocker, which could be deployed individually or jointly with other stationary anti-drone devices. Another advanced drone blocker, ND-BD004 Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer could effectively interfere with drone signals in a longer range and cover wider angles in both azimuth and elevation.

Establishing Robust Security with Multi-Layered Drone Blockers

A common characteristic of our drone blockers, whether in the form of stationary or handheld devices, is their smooth combination with other drone blocking equipment. This unique feature enables the establishment of security layers by combining various counter-drone devices.

For instance, in safeguarding critical infrastructure, operators can establish a primary security layer using our ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System in conjunction with our omnidirectional anti-drone jammer, delivering a comprehensive 360-degree jamming effect. Subsequently, for an added layer of defense, operators on duty can utilize our ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System for routine patrols within the secured perimeter.

This two-layered defense, utilizing drone blockers, exemplifies a prevalent trend in anti-drone security. This approach not only highlights the effectiveness of combining different drone blockers, but also marks the growing importance of employing diverse drone blockers for comprehensive security measures.

Anti-Drone Systems

Standard Anti-Drone System

High-End Anti-Drone System

Passive Anti-Drone System

Base Security Anti-Drone System

Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System

Handheld Anti-Drone System

Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer
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