Anti-Drone Solution

With exponentially sales of drones around the world, the threat posed by the weaponization of recreational drones already is a reality. The unregulated proliferation of drones in most countries poses a significant danger and threat to their national security. Military bases, public buildings, critical infrastructures, power stations, offshore oil & gas platforms, sport stadiums, mass gathering events, and political leaders are all vulnerable to drone attacks. Terrorists have already used drones to launch attacks against civilian and military targets around the world.

The illegal drone threat can no longer be ignored and should be addressed with appropriate technology immediately. NovoQuad has designed and developed Anti-Drone Solutions that effectively and efficiently neutralize the threat of drones.

Relying on our cutting-edge long-range detecting and jamming technology, the Anti-Drone System can efficiently detect any kinds of drones, from micro-drones to large drones, and force them to land, hover or return. Typically, micro-drones may be detected at a quite long distance, allowing sufficient time to respond to the threats. In addition, the system can visually track the detected done by a thermal camera or an external PTZ camera to collect crucial data for further analysis.

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