ND-BD008 Full-Band Directional Anti-Drone Jammer


ND-BD008 Full-Band Directional Anti-Drone Jammer is a software-defined jammer, which can customize the configuration of jamming frequency and jamming bandwidth according to the mainstream drone frequency band. It also supports independent or combined output of multiple jamming channels.

ND-BD008 jams the drone satellite navigation signal or blocks the communication link between the drone and the remote control by emitting electromagnetic waves, then the drone will be forced to land or return.


• Full-band jamming, software definable
• Digital jamming source design
• All-in-one design
• High power broadband amplifier design
• Easy installation and wide application


Jamming frequency rangeJamming channel output can be set freely within the frequency range of 300MHz – 6000MHz
Typical jamming bands410-440MHz, 830-870MHz, 875-915MHz, 920-960MHz, 1160-1200MHz,1220-1260MHz, 1440-1480MHz, GPS L1, 2.40-2.50GHz, 5.70-5.90GHz
Jamming distance5km (0.1W transmitting power of target drone)
Transmitting power≥100W/each jamming module

jamming emission power software adjustable

Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Operating temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Protection gradeIP65


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