ND-BS003 Reactive Stationary Jammer

ND-BS003 Reactive Stationary Jammer is designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) used by terrorist.

Having considered the variety of jamming targets and the wide range of uncertainties, the more advanced and effective jamming signal modulation method is adopted, which significantly increases the jamming efficiency in each band.

By adopting our advanced and unique technology, the wideband frequency coverage of the system can range from 20 to 2700MHz (up to 6GHz based on requirements) and the total response time is less than 200μs. In addition, automatic self-protection mechanism effectively supports stable operation and long service life by preventing the system from overheating and over-current.


RF frequency band20~2700MHz (9 Bands)
Output powerTotal PF power: 180W
Jamming signal bandwidthMinimum: 30kHz(Barrage mode)/1MHz (Reactive mode)
Jamming signal typeBroadband white noise/CW/FM/AM
Detect signal sensitiveMinimum: -90dBm
Signal sourceDDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer)
Reactive response time20-200μs
Spectral power density30W/MHz(depending on working band)
Jamming range10~100meter (*Max 1km )( depending on transmitter frequency and scenario)
Power supply220VAC
Power consumption500W
Remote controlWire control panel or remote monitoring software (optional)
Dimensions390x 390 x250mm
WeightApprox. 20kg

Bomb/RF Jamming System

• Wideband frequency coverage range from 20 to 2700MHz

• High sensitive threat signal detect low to -90dBm

• High efficiency power amplifier technology

• Total response time is less than 200μs

• High spectral power density up to 30W/MHz for extended jamming radius
(depending on maximum output power module choose, it can be up to 100W/MHz)

• Unique Smart Power® technology for advanced reactive jamming and power saving

• Support in barrage jamming mode if needed

• Slow start up design of circuit to make the device work stably

• Easy operations using a wired connection to the control panel for system monitoring

• Automatic System Self Protection to prevent from overheating and over current protection

• High input Voltage and low Voltage protection, VSWR protection

• Jammer module x 1 (or several)
• Antenna x 1 (or several)
• Battery x 1
• Power Supply x 1
• Remote Control(optional) x 1
• User Manual x 1
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