ND-BR001 Drone Detection Radar


ND-BR001 Drone Detection Radar is specially designed to detect the consumer-grade small rotor drones, for protection of key areas and response to threats from small rotor drones, e.g., illegal drone invasion, terrorist attack, and drug trafficking.

The radar employs the 3D Linear Frequency Continuous Wave technology with the unique algorithm focused on small RCS flying object, which is able to rapidly report the speed, distance, direction, altitude and other information of the invading drone.


• 3D active phased-array radar
• Low false alarm rate and excellent ability in clutter suppression
• Multiple target capability: able to search more than 200 targets simultaneously
• Fully automatic searching and tracking, supporting all day (24h) working
• Detection distance: 3km (depending on circumstances and drone type)
• User-friendly interface


Working frequencyKu band (16.01GHz-17.02GHz)
Detection distance3km (DJI Phantom 4)
Minimum target speed1m/s
Blind range≤200m
Detection angleAzimuth angle0°-360°
 Elevation angle0°-40°
Number of targets≥200
Power consumption≤160W
Weight of radar host≤25kg (tripod excluded)
Operating temperature−40°C ~ +60°C
Protection gradeIP65
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