ND-BR002 Anti-Drone RF Detector


ND-BR002 Anti-Drone RF Detector is specifically designed and developed to search and detect target activities within low altitude areas and other protection areas in all-direction and under all-weather. With multi-RF detector networking features, it could achieve direction and distance measurement of target drones and their controllers.


  • Precise direction measurement and stereo protection
    Able to achieve precise direction measurement of invading drones, and ensure regional three-dimensional protection through high deployment
  • Functional integration with reverse positioning
    Multi-point RF detector network deployment on positioning target drones and their controllers and warning the operator to timely make next command can be achieved
  • Omni-directional passive reception without electromagnetic radiation
    Equipped with 360° detection of drones, the RF detector will not emit electromagnetic waves or have electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment
  • Complete drone signature database with synchronous data update mechanism
    Imported with the characteristics of mainstream drones, the control terminal platform is able to judge and show the brand and model of the detected drones. The drone feature database can be updated synchronously


Detection distance3km
Detecting frequency range300-6000MHz
Detection antenna frequency915MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz (433MHz is optional)
Detection directionAll direction 360°
Detection accuracy≤3°(RMS)
Communication portLAN
Installation methodFixed installation/portable tripod installation
Deployment/retreat time≤2min
Power supplyAC110-220V
Power consumption≤20W
Protection gradeIP65
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