Anti-Drone Detection Solution

The Importance of Drone Detection System

Drone detection systems are vital in the anti-drone / counter drone industry, safeguarding against unauthorized UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in restricted or sensitive areas. By promptly identifying potential drone threats, drone detection systems enable timely activation of countermeasures to protect the low altitude areas. As drone usage expands, drone detection systems are increasingly crucial for national security, anti-terrorism, and airspace management.

Types of Drone Detection System

In our anti-drone detection solution, anti-drone radars, anti-drone RF (Radio Frequency) detectors and anti-drone cameras are provided.

Our anti-drone radars utilize advanced 2D / 3D active phased-array radar technology and state-of-the-art algorithms to detect and track the movements of UAV targets. ND-BR001 Drone Detection Radar employs 3D linear frequency continuous wave technology, focusing on rapid response to flying targets with small RCS. ND-BR014 Drone Detection Radar features 2D large-angle phase scanning in both azimuth and elevation, along with the ability to measure the three-dimensional coordinates of UAV targets. ND-BR022 Drone Detection Radar is a 3D pulse doppler radar with azimuth mechanism scanning and pitch phase scanning functions, which can accurately detect and quickly report target information.

Our anti-drone RF detectors identify and track drones by detecting the radio frequency signals they emit, allowing for the determination of the drone’s location, direction, and type. Through omni-directional detection, ND-BR002 Anti-Drone RF Detector can detect UAV targets without any blind spots. Based on advanced passive positioning technology, ND-BR016 Full-Band Anti-Drone RF Detector is capable of accurately identifying all mainstream consumer-grade drones within full frequency bands. Different from the above two RF detectors, ND-BR019 Handheld Anti-Drone RF Detector is extremely portable, featuring a compact and lightweight design to enhance flexibility for more drone detection scenarios.

Our anti-drone cameras visually detect and monitor drones, featuring high-resolution and infrared thermal imaging to operate under various conditions. Integrated with drone detection system, anti-drone camera enhances security by verifying and tracking aerial threats effectively. ND-BC011 Anti-Drone Tracking Camera is capable of continuously identifying and tracking UAV targets 24 hours a day in a variety of conditions, including visible light, low light, heavy haze and nighttime environments.

Anti-Drone Detection Solution

Drone Detection Radar

Drone Detection Radar

Drone Detection Radar

Anti-Drone RF Detector

Full-Band Anti-Drone RF Detector

Handheld Anti-Drone RF Detector

Anti-Drone Tracking Camera
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