ND-BR014 Drone Detection Radar


ND-BR014 Drone Detection Radar is specially designed to detect the consumer-grade small rotor drones, for protection of key areas and response to threats from small rotor drones, e.g., illegal drone invasion, terrorist attack, and drug trafficking.

As a 2D phased array radar, it has 2D large-angle phase scanning capabilities in azimuth and elevation and target three-coordinate measurement capabilities. It also adopts advanced space-time adaptive processing technology.

It could be installed in a fixed position or mounted on the vehicle to perform low-altitude monitoring and protection tasks, detect and track the invading drone targets, measure and report their position, distance, pitch, speed and other information in real time.


• Adopt advanced space-time adaptive processing technology to achieve all-around protection and high accuracy detection

• Adopt intelligent algorithm with proactive learning capability, has strong ability to distinguish targets independently and adapt to operating environment, could be interconnected with various comprehensive control platforms for collaborative deployment

• Support simultaneous detection of more than 200 targets, able to report accurate detection results in a fairly short time

• Support GPS map importing, protection area setting, real-time monitoring, recording and playback for further analysis

• Support all day (7x24h) protection, adapt to various bad weather such as rain, snow, fog, haze, sand and dust, able to eliminate false alarms or alarm failure to the greatest extent

• Easy to operate, with high waterproof and dustproof grade, shock and drop resistant


Frequency bandKu band
Detection distance (Pd>85%,Pf<10-6)≥5km (RCS=0.01m2)
Blind zone≤100m
Azimuth coverage360°
Pitch coverage≥40°
Multi-target tracking capabilityTWS≥200 batches, TAS≥10 batches (Data rate≥2Hz)
Protection gradeIP66
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