ND-BG002 GPS Spoofing Jammer


ND-BG002 GPS Spoofing Jammer is specially designed and developed to interfere target drone’s GPS signal and generate a fake GPS signal which could communicate with the target drone’s GPS transceiver and guide it to a preset location.

This jammer could solve the particular situation very well that the drone is invading by GPS guide rather than controlling by pilot. Due to its highly efficient performance, this jammer is widely adopted to protect key areas and response to threats from small rotor drones, e.g., illegal drone invasion, terrorist attack, and drug trafficking.


• The jammer is a RF system based on simulated satellite technology, transmitting strong satellite signal with faked location information to the drone. By competing with the real satellite signal in orbit, the jammer makes the drone locating system deceived and disenables it to locate its own real position.

• The transmitting power is adjustable for different detection range to affect the drone. With “one-button” operation design, the jammer enters into defense condition automatically to prevent from drone invasion, and forces the invaded drone landing or returning.

• The jammer could cooperate with the active radar. Based on the guiding information provided by the active radar, the jammer spoofs the drone to the designated area for landing.

• It features fast response and quick deployment, 360° coverage, lowest interference to surrounding environment, and integrated & all-weather outdoor design.


Jamming distance500m-3km (adjustable)
Interference band1574.397 – 1576.443MHz
1559.052 – 1563.144MHz, 1598 – 1605MHz
Default transmitted power<10dBm
Adjustable power range-38~32dBm
Coverage range360°
Power consumption<30W
Communication interfaceInternet Access
Power supply110~240V/AC
DimensionsDiameter: (435±5) mm, Height: (300±5) mm
Protection gradeIP66
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃
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