ND-BR022 Drone Detection Radar


ND-BR022 Drone Detection Radar is a 3D pulse doppler radar with azimuth mechanism scanning and pitch phase scanning, which is mainly used to detect and locate low-altitude aircraft as well as moving vehicles and personnel on the ground.

As drone RCS* is quite small, usually around 0.01m2 (the size of DJI Phantom 4 Micro Drone RCS is 0.01m2), it is especially difficult to detect drones. (*RCS: Radar Cross-Section (RCS) is a measure of how detectable an object is with radar. A larger RCS indicates that an object is more easily detected. An object reflects a limited amount of radar energy back to the source.)

The 3D pulse doppler radar we employed with the unique algorithm focused on small RCS flying object, is able to rapidly report the speed, distance, direction, altitude and other information of the invading drone. In addition to accurately detecting the spatial location of drone targets, the radar can also integrate and cooperate with other anti-drone devices, such as optoelectronic equipment, jammer, and GPS spoofer.


  • Advanced radar technology
    High detection and recognition ability for low/ultra-low altitude, slow and small targets, with high adaptability and low false alarm rate
  • Multi-dimensional precision detection
    Multi-dimensional precision detection of distance, azimuth, pitch, altitude, and speed of low/ultra-low altitude targets could be achieved
  • Superior detection performance for Low-Slow-Small (LSS) targets
    Able to detect and identify drones, helicopters, birds, air balls and other LSS targets within ultra-long distance
  • Lightweight, portable and adaptable
    Lightweight and compact design, quick and easy installation, can be temporarily or fixed installed and deployed for various tasks


Working frequencyX band (9GHz-10.20GHz)
Detection range≥5km (DJI Phantom 4)

False alarm rate: 10-6; Detection rate: 90%; Data rate: 6s

Blind zone≤180m
Detection angleAzimuth: 0° ~ 360°; Pitch: ≥30°
Number of targets≥200
Weight≤29kg (tripod excluded)
Protection gradeIP65
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