ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System

ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System is a newly developed ruggedized portable through wall radar, aiming at applications in security industry, e.g., protection operation, hostage rescue, indoor personnel searching.

The system can scan and detect the target area within seconds and display the accurate target number and the corresponding locations and positions in real time. Featured with high protective shell, light weight, user-friendly design, high penetration and fast response capacity, the system is an ideal solution with improved operation efficiency and outcome.

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Detection model Two-dimensional, simultaneously detection of stationary and moving target
Penetrable materials Non-metal materials like concrete, mixed brick, floor, wood, and the material with low water content
Detection distance for static targets ≥20m (penetrate 30cm brick and concrete mixed wall)
Detection distance for moving targets ≥30m (penetrate 30cm brick and concrete mixed wall)
Numbers of detected targets ≥5
Weight 3Kg (including battery)
Protection grade IP67
Dimension 340 x 247 x 130mm

See Through Wall Radar System/Wall Penetrating Radar/Through-Wall Imaging Radar

• Ultra-portable and Good Concealment
Light weight, small size and portable design

• High Real Time performance
No delay in detection and display

• High Penetration Ability
It can penetrate non-mental material like brick, steel-concrete structure, etc.

• High Protection Grade

• Multi-target Detection
Can detect and display more than 5 targets simultaneously.

• High Positioning Accuracy
±0.4m (within 20m)

• Radar Host  x 1
• Lithium Battery  x 1
• Charger  x 1
• Adapter  x 1
• Power Cable  x 1
• User Manual  x 1