About Us

Who we are?

NovoQuad is professional in advanced Defense & Security System development and specialized in delivering innovative security and counter-terrorist products and solutions with unmatched reliability, manufacturing flexibility, short lead time and satisfying technical support to its valued partners and end users.

Phone: +1-800-916-6486
Email: info@nqdefense.com


Company Introduction

NovoQuad, headquartered in Delaware, USA, is a leading developer and supplier of cutting-edge defense and security products and solutions designed specifically for today’s real world global security.Military, law enforcement, large organizations and safety services face daunting challenges in performing their daily task in a large part of the world today, due to hostile environments. NovoQuad provides technology that mitigates the ability of dangerous organizations and individuals to secretly communicate, plan and launch unexpected attacks causing damage, terror and confusion.

NovoQuad provides Law enforcement and Firefighters technology to aid in lowering risk, increasing safety and savings lives in dangerous situations. NovoQuad provides solutions that can be used in natural disasters such as earthquakes, to quickly locate and provide lifesaving actions to those in critical need of help. Our goal is providing advanced tools used in preventing the unnecessary loss of life and tragedy. We work daily to give our clients the ability to achieve this purpose.

NovoQuad’s advanced defense and security products include the following six categories: Anti-Drone System, Bomb/RF Jamming System, See Through Wall Radar System, Cellular Interception System, Wi-Fi Interception System, and X-Ray Inspection System. The technology research lab empowers NovoQuad to ever stay on the front lines of innovation and provide state of the art products and services.

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