ND-BR016 Full-Band Anti-Drone RF Detector


ND-BR016 Full-Band Anti-Drone RF Detector is mainly composed of array antenna, RF circuit, multi-channel synchronous receiver, GNSS positioning module, etc., to detect and find drones within full frequency bands. Based on AOA (Angle of Arrival) and TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival), ND-BR016 has the functions of drone detection and early warning, model identification, positioning and tracking, and trajectory playback within and outside the range of multiple stations. Any number of detection equipment can be freely expanded according to the scope of the monitoring area.


Full-band detection
Accurately identify the vast majority of consumer-grade drones, Wi-Fi toy machines, DIY drones, analog/digital picture transmission and hundreds of other models.

Precise identification and positioning of drone
It can detect drones within a long range, covering most of consumer-grade drones on the market. It is able to accurately detect and position DJI drones and obtain their unique serial numbers.

Precise positioning of drone controller
The location of drone’s controller (pilot) can be displayed through the control platform, with a high refresh rate, the controller’s movements can be captured in real time.

TDOA and AOA composite passive positioning technology
Able to be used for single-station AOA direction finding and ranging, or multi-point deployment network to achieve TDOA accurate positioning, with higher scene adaptability. Without active electromagnetic signal emission, it is more secure and concealed.

High maturity design
All-in-one design, all working modules are integrated in one radome, no other functional modules, easy and fast deployment.

All-weather, all-day and omni-directional
Suitable for complex electromagnetic and climatic environment, not being affected by lightning, fog and haze weather and night sight range, can achieve 7 x 24 hours 360° all-round real-time monitoring.


DetectionDetection typePassive radio detection
Detection band300MHz~6GHz full-band detection
Detection rangeHorizontal 360° omnidirectional
Direction accuracy≤3° (RMS)
Detection radius≥5km
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Time of first detection≤3s
Protocol analysis technologyContent of the analysisIt supports analyzing and obtaining GPS coordinates, flight altitude, speed, direction, model, SN code, take-off point address and other information of DJI drone, and accurately obtaining the location of drone controller (pilot). The information can be reported and displayed in real time to show the detection situation.
Detection distance5km
Positioning accuracyDJI drone: ≤2m
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Drone controller: ≤2m
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Dimensions≤φ610 x 440mm
Operating temperature-40℃~70℃
Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Power consumption≤50W
Protection gradeIP66
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