Anti-Drone Jamming Solution

Overview of Anti Drone Jamming Solution

Nowadays, drones are becoming more affordable and available. Increasing number of illegal drones are hovering over critical airspace, which threatens the privacy and security of governments, militaries, significant bases and buildings.

To respond to the threats from the illegal drones and ensure airspace safety, we provide effective Anti Drone Jamming Solution. Our Anti Drone Jammer is capable of forcing the target drone to land or return, by jamming the navigation signal of the drone and blocking the communication link between the drone and its remote-controller.

Our Anti Drone Jammer could block radio frequencies used by drones and the frequency bands of GPS L1 system in case that drones fly in auto-pilot mode. Depending on the application, protection level and geographical location, it also could be adapted in terms of frequency band coverage and output power.

For cooperative deploy and collaborative operation, our Anti Drone Jammer could be integrated with our Anti-Drone Radar, controlled by anti-drone command platform. Guided by the target information (e.g., speed, distance, direction and pitching) provided by the radar, the anti drone jammer will rapidly adjust the antennas to jam the invading drone.

Stationary Anti Drone Jamming Solution

Highly developed anti drone jamming technologies have been applied to our anti drone jamming systems to unleash superior drone jamming capabilities. In this solution, two different frequency jammers for drones are provided, namely directional drone jamming system and omnidirectional drone jamming system. Using the directional jammer with 6 jamming frequency bands, ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System could achieve precise anti drone jamming effect without violence. Adopting the upgraded directional jammer with 9 jamming frequency bands, ND-BU002 High-End Anti-Drone System could achieve expended drone jamming distance, which significantly enhances its anti drone jamming performance.

Another powerful frequency jammer for drones is omnidirectional jammer, which focuses on all-round control over key areas for drone jamming. It is an ideal anti drone jamming system against drone swarms with short response time and high efficiency. This anti drone jamming system could be cooperatively deployed with other anti-drone devices under the unified control of anti-drone command platform to strengthen the anti drone jamming function.

Portable Anti Drone Jamming Solution

Besides stationary anti drone jamming systems, portable anti drone jammer systems play an increasingly important role in various application scenarios where high flexibility and mobility is required for drone jamming. Overcome the shortcomings of traditional frequency jammers for drones relying on human eyes or external detectors for drone detection, ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System adopts highly integrated design with built-in detector for convenient and quick anti drone jamming operation. Besides, this anti drone jammer system also supports APP control platform for parameter setting, video recording and other functions.

Another popular frequency jammer for drones in this solution is ND-BD004 Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer. This anti drone jammer system ensures efficient drone jamming performance, despite its small size and light weight. In virtue of longer jamming distance and wider angle coverage in both azimuth and elevation, this drone jamming system could be flexibly applied to various low-altitude protection tasks.

How to Choose a Suitable Anti-Drone Jamming Solution

When considering the deployment of a drone jamming device / drone jammer device / jammer anti-drone, it is essential to assess the various features associated with the drone jamming devices, such as jamming frequency and distance, precision, portability and environmental adaptability. These features of UAV jamming equipment / drone radio jammer are crucial for drone blocking operations. Choosing a stationary RF drone jammer or a portable drone jammer device depends on the specific application scenarios and requirements, such as requirement for flexibility and mobility, single-person operation or highly integrated system execution. The appropriate drone jamming device will facilitate the operator to effectively jam drones, ensuring a robust anti-drone defense. Additionally, choosing an effective and affordable anti-drone jamming solution is also an important consideration. The low cost anti drone jamming systems with stable performance makes it more efficient and affordable to protect key low-altitude areas.

Anti-Drone Jamming Systems

Standard Anti-Drone System

High-End Anti-Drone System

Passive Anti-Drone System

Base Security Anti-Drone System

Handheld Anti-Drone System

Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer
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