ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System


With exponentially sales of drones around the world, the threat posed by the weaponization of recreational drones already is a reality. The unregulated proliferation of drones in most countries poses a significant danger and threat to their national security.

ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System is an upgraded version of our passive anti-drone systems with longer detection and jamming range, providing all-around and full-band protection against a variety of drone targets.

The system has been designed and developed against consumer-grade small rotor drones, merging long-range detection, jamming and record tracking functions into one system, for protection of key areas and response to threats from small rotor drones, e.g., illegal drone invasion, terrorist attack, and drug trafficking.

The system mainly consists of Detecting Unit (Full-Band RF Detector) and Jamming Unit (Full-Band Directional Jammer). Detecting Unit can detect and track long-distance drones and lead Jamming Unit to interfere with the remote control circuits and navigation signals of the drones and force the drones to land or return.

Main Features of Detecting Unit

• Full-band detection
• Precise identification and positioning of drone
• Precise positioning of drone controller
• TDOA and AOA composite passive positioning technology
• High maturity design
• All-weather, all-day and omni-directional

Main Features of Jamming Unit

• Full-band jamming, software definable
• Digital jamming source design
• All-in-one design
• High power broadband amplifier design
• Easy installation and wide application


Detecting Unit
DetectionDetection typePassive radio detection
Detection band300MHz~6GHz full-band detection
Detection rangeHorizontal 360° omnidirectional
Direction accuracy≤3° (RMS)
Detection radius≥5km
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Time of first detection≤3s
Protocol analysis technologyContent of the analysisIt supports analyzing and obtaining GPS coordinates, flight altitude, speed, direction, model, SN code, take-off point address and other information of DJI drone, and accurately obtaining the location of drone controller (pilot). The information can be reported and displayed in real time to show the detection situation.
Detection distance5km
Positioning accuracyDJI drone: ≤2m
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Drone controller: ≤2m
(open environment, drone transmission power is 0.1W)
Dimensions≤φ610 x 440mm
Operating temperature-40℃~70℃
Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Power consumption≤50W
Protection gradeIP66


Jamming Unit
Jamming frequency rangeJamming channel output can be set freely within the frequency range of 300MHz – 6000MHz
Typical jamming bands410-440MHz, 830-870MHz, 875-915MHz, 920-960MHz, 1160-1200MHz,1220-1260MHz, 1440-1480MHz, GPS L1, 2.40-2.50GHz, 5.70-5.90GHz
Jamming distance5km (0.1W transmitting power of target drone)
Transmitting power≥100W/each jamming module
jamming emission power software adjustable
Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Operating temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Protection gradeIP65
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