Anti-Drone System

Advanced Anti-Drone Systems

Anti-Drone System, also named as drone defense system or counter drone system, usually including detecting, jamming and camera units, is a comprehensive sophisticated system specifically designed to counter UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) or drones and protect key areas and personnel from potential illegal or terrorist attacks. Our advanced Anti-Drone Systems include both stationary and portable / handheld anti-drone / drone defense / counter drone systems.

Stationary Anti-Drone Systems

ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System, as the standard version of drone defense system or counter drone system, consists of an active radar, a directional jammer and a camera to conduct long-range detection and interference towards multiple invading drone targets simultaneously, and is also equipped with camera tracking function to counter UAS / drones.

ND-BU002 High-End Anti-Drone System, as the advanced version of drone defense system or counter drone system, serves longer detection and interference range and stronger camera function.

ND-BU003 Passive Anti-Drone System, as the basic version of drone defense system or counter drone system, consists of a RF detection (passive radar) and a directional jammer, with 360-degree coverage and extremely competitive price.

ND-BU004 Base Security Anti-Drone System, consisting of four active radars, a directional jammer and a camera, has obvious advantages in detection speed, detection accuracy and multi-target detection effect.

Our effective stationary anti-drone systems can be deployed to protect key low-altitude areas from unauthorized drone activities for critical infrastructures, large public events, correctional facilities, border security, industrial sites and etc.

Portable/Handheld Anti-Drone Systems

With features of compact structure and portable design, Portable Anti-Drone Systems usually could be adopted individually or jointly with Stationary Anti-Drone Systems to counter UAS or drones.

As an innovation to traditional anti-drone jammers, ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System integrates detection, countermeasure, display, control and power supply ALL IN ONE. With highly integrated and portable design, ND-BD003 has shown great strengths in mobility and flexibility to counter UAS or drones and protect low-altitude safety.

ND-BD004 Handheld Anti-Drone Jammer offers a longer interference distance to better perform the counter-UAS / drone missions.

Choosing Ideal Anti-Drone Systems

When considering the acquisition of a counter drone solution, the anti-drone price is a significant factor. The anti-drone price can vary greatly depending on the system’s features, such as detection range, jamming capabilities, and drone tracking functions. We offer a diverse range of stationary and portable anti-drone devices with competitive anti-drone price, to ensure the security of key low-altitude airspace.

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