Portable Anti-Drone Jammer Well Delivered

With exponentially sales of drones around the world, the threat posed by the weaponization of recreational drones already is a reality. The unregulated proliferation of drones in most countries poses a significant danger and threat to their national security. Terrorists have already used drones to launch attacks against civilian and military targets around the world. The illegal drone threat can no longer be ignored and should be addressed with appropriate technology immediately.

To disturb the invading drones, the local police department in Southeast Asia sought for portable anti-drone devices with stable and perfect performance. NovoQuad team were invited to demonstrate its ND-BD001 Portable Anti-Drone Jammer to the officers of local police department on January 15, 2019. The officers were quite satisfied with the product functions and performance. An order of ND-BD001 was placed soon on February 14, 2019. To ensure the end user could use ND-BD001 in the coming event, NovoQuad team coordinated resource, speeded up the whole process and delivered the product at the end of February.

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