Anti-Drone: Drone Spoofing and Countermeasure

Anti-Drone: Drone Spoofing and Countermeasure

Drone / UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a new thing, and it will inevitably bring some new problems with its rapid development. Using anti-drone technology to counter drones not only helps drone manufacturers and designers find the deficiencies of their own products and make improvements, but also facilitates the regulatory authorities to better manage drones and provide a good environment for the healthy development of the drone industry.

Faced with the potential security risks brought by the rapid development of drones, what should we do to use anti-drone technology to counter?

Signal Jamming
At present, the control of the drone mostly uses radio communication technology. By transmitting jamming signals to the target drone and suppressing its communication signals, the drone can be forced to land or return by itself.

GPS Spoofing / Drone Spoofing
At present, under normal circumstances, using GPS navigation signal to control flight is the first choice for most consumer-grade drones. While civilian GPS signals are unencrypted, which leaves room for exploitation.

The main principle of GPS spoofing / Drone spoofing is to send fake position coordinates to the drone’s control system, thereby spoofing its navigation system and inducing the drone to fly to a wrong place. GPS spoofing / Drone spoofing signals can be generated by generators in real time, or they can be pre-recorded and then reproduced. Since the drone always receives the strongest signal, as long as the artificial GPS signal on the ground is strong enough, it can replace the real GPS signal, thereby deceiving the drone’s GPS receiving module. At present, various countries have set up no-fly zones in the core area. Many drone manufacturers have set up built-in firmware of the drone. In the no-fly zone, the drone cannot take off, and will automatically land when it reaches the no-fly zone. Therefore, as long as artificial GPS signals on the ground simulate the geographic location as the coordinates of the no-fly zone, the drone can be forced to land on its own.

NovoQuad Group’s Anti-Drone Systems mainly use signal jamming and GPS spoofing / Drone spoofing technology. The systems have excellent jamming effects for most mainstream drones at present. The systems have been fully verified in many projects and have excellent cost performance.

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