3 of the Most Common Methods of Drone Interference

3 of the Most Common Methods of Drone Interference

Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), an outstanding invention of modern high-tech weapons. With the advancement of science and technology and the maturity of drone technology, the drone flies farther and higher. Militarily, it is mainly used for reconnaissance, strike, surveillance, intelligence gathering and other tasks. Among them, reconnaissance and intelligence collection are particularly important and have great impacts on the war situation.

Drone Interference
When it comes to interference, it can generally be divided into natural factors and human factors. In terms of natural factors, magnetic field changes are the most common.

In terms of human factors, the most typical ones are those countermeasures in the anti-unauthorized drone market, which generally interfere with drones through signal interference, sonic interference, radio hijacking, etc. Common drone interference methods can be divided into the following categories:

Signal Interference: For example, GPS interference transmits a directional radio frequency signal with a certain power to the drone, so that the drone equipped with the GPS positioning system cannot know the accurate coordinate data, then it can only hover in the air and sway with the wind, or fly back to the take-off point, depending on the drone pre-defined strategies.

Sonic Interference: The main attack target is the gyroscope carried by the drone. When the frequency of the sound wave is consistent with its intrinsic frequency, resonance will occur between the two parties, which will affect the normal operation of the gyroscope, resulting in the flight disorder of the drone. In severe cases, the drone may crash.

Radio Hijacking: Radio hijacking interferes with the radio frequency between the drone and the drone controller and gains the control of the drone, making it hover in the air, fall directly, or return on its own.

Some drone industry insiders said that from the current point of view, human interference represented by interference equipment cannot be prevented by technical means for the time being. Although the prevention is not that good, in terms of the overall “anti-interference” capability, the drone performed relatively well now. It is understood that there are companies engaged in the development of GPS receivers, interference and modules that can prevent drone GPS signals from being jammed and deceived, and have also successfully conducted drone airborne tests.

Our Anti Drone Systems adopt state-of-the-art signal interference technology, which have been proven by the market to be one of the most effective interference strategies. Whether it’s a simple and basic anti-drone system, or a complete and powerful advanced anti-drone system, we can provide a product that fits your budget and needs with better detection and interference effect.

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