Why We Need Anti-Drone Technology to Control Drones?

Why We Need Anti-Drone Technology to Control Drones?

In recent years, civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/drone technology has become more and more mature. While its application has become more and more extensive, accidents and related safety problems caused by civil UAVs/drones have become increasingly normalized. Civil UAVs/drones have many beneficial application prospects, however, the malicious use of them may be on the rise. Overall, illegal drones may pose potential and real threats to public safety, normal production activities, and daily life. The threats are mainly divided into three aspects:

Peeper in the Air
The flying height of the drone exceeds most obstacles, and it can easily take pictures of key departments in the high-walled compound. The drone has camera stabilization system, flight recording system, real-time image transmission system, and has functions such as fixed-point cruise photography, follow-up photography, and panorama photography. It can be used for secret theft activities without modification.

Dangerous Transfer Station
Due to the tight ground security around major event sites or important facilities, criminals may throw explosives, biological poison, radioactive substances or illegal propaganda materials into the venue by drones. Using GPS navigation technology, the drone can cross the walls and fences of the target site even in the night, and accurately deliver harmful items to the designated location without alerting the guards and alarm equipment.

Uncontrollable Risk
Some model aircraft or aerial photography enthusiasts, or even ordinary people, may control drones to fly over the event site or important areas out of entertainment, curiosity or unintentionally. In the past few years, in some sensitive areas, such as civil aviation airports, prisons, crucial warehouses, important organs and conference sites, there has been chaos and even significant damages caused by the intrusion of drones.

In addition to the risk of illegal invasion, accidents such as collision, crash, fire and explosion caused by the poor quality of the DIY drones and the mis-operation in these important places are also great hidden dangers. Therefore, the prevention or countermeasure system for these low-altitude, slow-speed and small-size drones came into being.

Our Anti Drone Systems can effectively take precautions to prevent these dangers caused by UAVs/drones. With the advanced technology and user-friendly software platform, 24/7 automatic detecting and processing could be achieved to eliminate the potential dangers caused by UAVs/drones.

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