Drone Detection and Countermeasure System: Characteristics

Drone Detection and Countermeasure System: Characteristics

Anti-drone detection and countermeasure system is a system that detects the invading unidentified drone and its remote controller by measuring the wave directions of the drone image transmission signal and its remote controller signal in real time. When a drone enters the specific area, the system will send out alarm to warn the operator, then the operator can choose to jam the drone to force it to land or drive away.

In general, the anti-drone detection and countermeasure system may not limit the detection range, usually its detection range is equivalent to the usable distance between the drone and its remote controller, depending on the transmitting power of the drone / remote controller. A single device alone can detect up to 3km, and if multiple devices are set up for networking, the coverage can be expanded indefinitely.

We are a leading developer and supplier of defense and security products and solutions worldwide. Our ND-BU003 Passive Anti-Drone System has a variety of functions, which can meet multiple uses and achieve a large number of tactics. The system operation software is fully functional, user-friendly, simple to operate and easy to use. At the same time, according to the needs of on-site operations and actual conditions, this anti-drone systems can be further optimized and upgraded.

The characteristics of ND-BU003 Passive Anti-Drone System are below:

All-day operation, adaptable to various environmental conditions
The system equipped with professional drone detection software, which can identify the signal characteristics and models of consumer-grade drones; It can acquire real-time signal and replay evidence; It can also effectively exclude the influence of Wi-Fi signals on measurements; Being equipped with electronic map makes it possible to mark the location of drones and their remote controllers; This system can continuously work around the clock, even at night, in dense fog and under bad weather.

Long-range detection, able to surveille covering wide area without interruption
The system can cover 360° omnidirectionally and the detection radius of one single device can reach up to 3km; It can capture drone image transmission signals and remote-controller’s flight control signals hidden between buildings and trees; It can also expand flexibly according to user demands range and the size of the protected area; The equipment has the characteristics of miniaturization and portability, which is convenient for on-board assembly and opening; Detection during movement is possible.

High precision, able to monitor and track both “drone” and its “controller” simultaneously
The system can measure radio frequency signals of drone and its remote controller in real time, and can monitor and track the drone and its flight control signal at the same time, with fast detection speed; It has the function of finding the location as soon as the drone remote controller is turned on, which is convenient for early warning and disposal.

Passive with low power consumption and can prevent detection
The system is equipped with passive radar, which is radiation-free, works secretly and uneasy to be detected; When working, it will not cause any electronic interference to other boot devices; No radiation so that long-term use will not cause any adverse effects on the human body.

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