What Is Drone Countermeasure System?

What Is Drone Countermeasure System?

In recent years, the drone manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and many civil drones / UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) / UASs (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) have been applied to news reports, freight logistics, game entertainment, power and energy, rescue and other industries. On one hand, it improves people’s quality of life; On the other hand, unauthorized drone activities also cause many problems to public, community and civil aviation. In order to change this situation, the drone countermeasure systems came into being.

The key role of drone countermeasure systems is to carry out mandatory control of flying drone, unmanned quadcopter and small aircraft, cut off the communication link between the drone and its remote controller from a long distance, and force the drone to land in place or return to the take-off point, ensuring the safety of the air route and the no-fly zone in the region.

At present, all civil drones must use radio frequency technology to maintain precise positioning, remote control, image transmission and other functions. Naturally, some unique drones may use methods such as terrain matching, image recognition technology, and their high-precision inertial navigation module to determine their positions and achieve their goals independently, but these drones are not popular in the civilian industry. Which means, an effective counter UAV solution must adopt radio frequency technology to jam target drones’ wireless communications.

Counter UAV system is a drone countermeasure system with new technologies. It can be used in the places such as airports, public security procuratorate systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, information confidentiality organizations, armies, large and medium-sized competitions, touring concerts, important events, key conferences, counter-terrorism industries, drone supervision areas, etc.

The realm of counter UAV systems can be divided into two primary types: stationary and portable/handheld. With advanced algorithms and hardware design, the stationary counter UAV system / C-UAS system integrates a combination of various counter drone measures to enhance its effectiveness against drone threats across diverse scenarios. As an integrated counter-drone solution, it comprises a comprehensive set of anti drone countermeasures, such as drone signal jamming and GPS spoofing.

As drone technology has advanced, innovative counter UAV solutions have emerged to address evolving threats. One notable example is the integration of GPS spoofing jammer into anti drone countermeasures. It serves as an additional counter drone measure against unauthorized or malicious drones by spoofing their navigation systems with fake GPS signals. This demonstrates the adaptability of integrated counter-drone solutions or counter UAV solutions to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of drone capabilities.

Among the counter UAV systems, portable anti-drone gun/handheld C-UAS system is light in weight, easy to operate for single operator. It also has accurate blocking frequency, directional high gain antenna and can aim at targets accurately at a long distance. Being equipped with embedded large-space battery ensures a long-time usage, and the compact design makes the handheld C-UAS system basically not restricted by the application environment. What’s more, it’s easy to use and does not require complicated procedures to work at startup.

Our ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System is an anti-drone gun like this. By integrating the process of detection, jamming, and recording, the device has outstanding performance during various low-altitude protection tasks.

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