What is Anti-Drone Gun?

What is Anti-Drone Gun?

Anti drone jammer gun, also known as drone jamming gun or handheld drone gun jammer, is in fact an anti-drone electromagnetic jammer. It’s similar to a rifle in appearance, the main body of the drone defense gun is an electromagnetic pulse launcher, and the barrel is an emitting antenna. Its detailed working principle is to launch strong power electromagnetic pulse interference waves towards the drone’s direction, to jam the drone’s signal system, fail its communication and navigation system, making it lose control and forcing it to land on the ground or fly back to its take-off point.

Anti drone jammer guns normally aim at low, slow and small drones. Nowadays, drones are widely used in the civil field, but effective control is lacking. As a result, unauthorized drones cause great trouble to the security of large-scale conferences or sport events. The emergence of drone defense guns is targeted at this tough problem.

Drone jamming gun mainly depends on emitting high-power electromagnetic waves to control drones that are flying, so as to cut off the connections between the drones and their remote controllers from a long distance. The drone gun jammer can force the drones to land in place or return to the take-off point, ensuring the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region.

Drone jamming guns are mainly used in three aspects, the first one is to protect no-fly zones, such as politically sensitive areas, security management areas, nuclear industry facilities, airports, prisons, borders and so on; the second one is protect scenes where information protection shall be paid much attention to, such as the scenes where major security activities, big criminal cases, urban management law enforcement, the rehearsal of large-scale performances and large-scale group events take place; the third one is to crack down on cases where drones are used as carriers for illegal activities, such as terrorist attack, drug trafficking, illegal item smuggling or illegal information transmitting.

As one kind of the anti-drone gun or anti-drone rifle, ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System has been developed to counter invading drones and protect low-altitude areas. If you have any needs in this anti-drone rifle, please contact us.

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