The Need for Anti-Drones

The Need for Anti-Drones

The national low-altitude field is gradually opening-up, and the application of drones is becoming more and more widespread. However, the uncontrollable risks from drones are increasing, and various incidents of unauthorized drone activities have caused deep concern in society. In the field of civil aviation, drones have interfered with airports, resulting in forced landings and stranded passengers.

Some drone companies have designated no-fly zones for drone flights in their products, however, components of drones are sold everywhere online. It is easy to assemble a flying drone, as the technical threshold is not high. In particular, some of the young drone users purchase the components and refit them to have drones for various purposes. Without flight and safety training, they might fly drones in all sorts of unsuitable places, affecting the safety of civil aviation. Bombing, wounding, and other incidents may appear frequently. Besides, some drone users do not know the airport clearance areas, and they might arbitrarily use drones and cause unauthorized drone activities.

No-fly areas should be protected, such as prisons, military areas, national strategic resource project sites, nuclear industry facilities, airports, and other sensitive areas. The sites where information cannot be leaked should also be protected, such as major criminal case sites, urban law enforcement sites, important security sites, rehearsal sites for large-scale performances, archaeological excavation sites, large group event sites. Furthermore, the use of drones as carriers for illegal activities should be resisted, such as drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transfer. Drones pose potential threats to national and commercial security. The safety prevention and control of drones have also become a key element in the drone industry.

ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System and ND-BU003 Passive Anti-Drone System are two anti-drone systems launched by us, to protect low-altitude areas. With high-end technology and advanced algorithms, these systems could detect and counter invading drones.

Our Anti-Drone Systems could achieve real-time monitoring, analysis, pre-alarm and effective jamming of the invading drones that enter sensitive airspace in violation of the law. Also, the systems could prevent major malicious events, improve the user’s ability to quickly respond to emergencies, form a new mechanism for scientific management and effective command, and ensure the continued safety and stability of sensitive airspace.

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