Successful Delivery of Anti-Drone Guns in Latin America

Successful Delivery of Anti-Drone Guns in Latin America

In November 2023, our team successfully delivered multiple sets of ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System to our valued partner in Mexico.

ND-BD003 is a special anti-drone gun designed to counter unauthorized drones. This anti-drone gun combines an integrated detector with a portable anti-drone jammer, ensuring efficient detection and jamming of drones. Its versatility allows for use independently or in conjunction of other anti-drone devices. Additionally, it has the capability to reserve user-defined frequency bands, adapting to various application scenarios.

In the early stage of the project, our team not only delivered a comprehensive introduction but also provided professional technical support and expertise on mastering the system’s use. The local partner was deeply impressed by the device’s features as well as the professionalism and dedication exhibited by our team.

During the project delivery phase, our team diligently engaged in the production process, adopted stringent quality control measures and conducted extensive testing before shipment. After delivery, these anti-drone guns are actively in use by the police department in Mexico for patrol and perimeter security, serving as tangible evidence of their practical utility and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. This successful deployment further enhances the ND-BD003’s role as a reliable and advanced solution in the field of anti-drone technology.

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