See Through Wall Solution

See Through Wall Solution

Device to See Through Walls

See Through Wall Solution is designed to detect people behind obstacles (e.g., wall, building) during rescue missions or searching operations.

The See Through Wall Solution developed by us is widely used to provide fast tactical information regarding the movement, distance, speed and location of targets behind walls or solid objects by showing the down-range versus cross-range image and static versus dynamic image of all moving targets at a video frame rate.

Equipped with the See Through Wall Radar System, the operators could detect distance and direction in horizontal plane of people behind walls or solid objects and receive information about the situation of each individual target (sleeping, calm or exited). The removable and remote display would show the rate and amplitude of the individual’s chest movements during breathing.

See Through Wall Radar Systems

ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System
See Through Wall Radar System
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