Recent launch of ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector

Recent launch of ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector

In response to invading drones in various scenarios, we have designed and developed a cutting-edge device, ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector, for drone detection and positioning under specific circumstances.

Purpose-built for application scenarios like drone detection, trajectory tracking, and drone pilot positioning, ND-BR020 employs sophisticated algorithms to parse drone signal messages and protocols. This allows it to extract vital information such as GPS coordinates, flight altitude, speed, direction, model, SN code, take-off point address, and other details of the invading drone. Additionally, the location information of the drone’s remote controller (pilot) is also obtained. All of this real-time data is presented through a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for comprehensive detection visualization.

The standout feature of the ND-BR020 lies in its unique identification capabilities, enabling it to accurately discern the unique serial numbers of the drone. Furthermore, it can distinguish between model marks of the same brand, model and frequency point, issuing an alarm only for drones found in the blacklist, while whitelisted drones are identified without alarm. Moreover, the robust design of this newly launched RF location detector facilitates it to work even in complex electromagnetic environments and adverse weather conditions, providing 24/7 protection with real-time, 360-degree monitoring.

For more information about ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector, please feel free to contact us.

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