ND-BU003 Basic Anti-Drone System

ND-BU003 Basic Anti-Drone System with sufficient detection range is the basic version of our anti-drone systems and has an obvious advantage in price. Due to its short production cycle, high-volume and high-quality production is available.

The system mainly consists of Detecting Unit (RF Detector) and Jamming Unit (Directional Jammer). Detecting Unit can detect and track long-distance drones and lead Jamming Unit to interfere with the remote control circuits and navigation signals of the drones and force the drones to land or return.


Detecting System
Detection range 3km
Detecting frequency range 300-6000MHz
Detection antenna frequency 915MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz (433MHz is optional)
Detection direction All direction 360°
Detection accuracy ≤3°(RMS)
Communication port LAN
Installation method Fixed installation/portable tripod installation
Deployment/retreat time ≤2min
Power supply POE / DC 12V
Power consumption ≤20W
Jamming System
Output band Frequency band Channel output power Total output power
Output power 6 Bands 410-440MHz 10W 60W
840-930MHz 10W
1440-1480MHz 10W
GPS L1 10W
2.40-2.50GHz 10W
5.70-5.90GHz 10W
Jamming distance 3km
Power supply 220V, AC power
Power consumption 500W
Physical and environment Weight 18Kg
Protection IP66

Anti-Drone System

Main Features of Detecting System

• Precise direction measurement and stereo protection

• Functional integration with reverse positioning

• Omni-directional passive reception without electromagnetic radiation

• Complete drone signature database with synchronous data update mechanism

Main Features of Jamming System

• Precise jamming without violence

• 6 frequency bands of jamming signals (frequency bands and output power can be customized)

• Supporting automatic/manual models switching

• Remote control frequency jamming: coverage of all available civil drones

• Directional high-gain antennas mounted on Pan-Tilt platform can effectively track drone and transmit jamming signal in the direction of the drone

• Frequency jamming can be done automatically upon drone detection or supervisor assistance

• RF Detector Module  x 1
• Jammer Module  x 1
• User Manual  x 1
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