ND-BU003 Basic Anti-Drone System

ND-BU003 Basic Anti-Drone System with sufficient detection range is the basic version of our anti-drone systems and has an obvious advantage in price. Due to its short production cycle, high-volume and high-quality production is available.

The system mainly consists of Detecting Unit (RF Detector) and Jamming Unit (Directional Jammer). Detecting Unit can detect long-distance drones and lead Jamming Unit to interfere with the remote control circuits/signals of the drones and force the drones to land or return.


Detecting Unit
Detection distance3km
Detecting frequency range300-6000MHz
Detection antenna frequency915MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz (433MHz is optional)
Detection directionAll direction 360°
Detection accuracy≤3°(RMS)
Communication portLAN
Installation methodFixed installation/portable tripod installation
Deployment/retreat time≤2min
Power supplyAC110-220V
Power consumption≤20W
Protection gradeIP65
Jamming Unit
Output bandFrequency bandChannel output powerTotal output power
Output power6 Bands410-440MHz10W60W
Jamming distance3km
Power supply220V, AC power
Power consumption150W
Physical and environmentWeight18kg
Protection gradeIP66

Anti-Drone System

Main Features of Detecting Unit

• Precise direction measurement and stereo protection

• Functional integration with reverse positioning

• Omni-directional passive reception without electromagnetic radiation

• Complete drone signature database with synchronous data update mechanism

Main Features of Jamming Unit

• Precise jamming without violence

• 6 frequency bands of jamming signals (frequency bands and output power can be customized)

• Support automatic/manual models switching

• Remote control frequency jamming: coverage of all available civil drones

• Directional high-gain antennas mounted on Pan-Tilt platform can effectively track drone and transmit jamming signal in the direction of the drone

• Frequency jamming can be done automatically upon drone detection or supervisor assistance

• Detecting Unit (RF Detector)x 1
• Jamming Unit (Directional Jammer)x 1
• Control Softwarex 1
• Power Cablex 1
• User Manualx 1
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