ND-BU002 High-End Anti-Drone System

ND-BU002 High-End Anti-Drone System is an upgraded version based on ND-BU001 for drone defense and critical area protection. Adopting advanced 3D active phased-array radar, the system has extended detection range dramatically. The system mainly consists of Detecting Unit, Jamming Unit and Camera Unit.

  • The Detecting Unit, which employs the advanced 3D active phased-array radar, can detect and track long-distance drones, in both horizontal angle and vertical angle.
  • Guided by the accurate drone position information, the Jamming Unit with tall antenna and low power jammer will interfere with the remote control signals and navigation signals of the drone and force it to land or return.
  • The Camera Unit can efficiently record the tracks of the detected drone for further analysis, and also assist the Detecting Unit for more accurate monitoring.


Detecting System
Detection range ≥5km (Mini drone RCS=0.01 m2)
≥10km (Small drone RCS=0.2 m2)
Blind range 200m
Detection angle Azimuth angle 0°~360° scanning
Elevation angle 0°~60°
Measuring dimensionality Distance/azimuth/pitching angle/speed
Scanning method 360° horizontally mechanical scanning + vertically wide beam phased scanning
Tracking TWS/continuously tracking
Jamming System
Output band Frequency band Channel output power Total output power
Output power 9 Bands 430-440MHz 50W 266W
459-461MHz 50W
868-870MHz 25W
902-928MHz 25W
GPS L1:1575.42±5MHz 25W
GPS L2:1227.6±5MHz 25W
GPS L3:1381.05±5MHz 25W
2400-2490MHz 25W
5725-5850MHz 16W
Jamming distance 5km
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power consumption 800W
Physical and environment Host weight ≤25Kg
Protection IP66
Camera System
Optical camera Resolution 2MP/1080p @ 60fps (1920 x 1080)
Image Sensor 1/2.8″ 2.1 Megapixel CMOS
Lens Focal length 15.4-2075mm 135X
Angle of view 19.3°~0.15° horizontal
Optical fog filter (NIR) Yes
EIS Electronic image stabilization (on/off)
Thermal camera Image sensor X-Hot 10μm 1280 x 1024 MWIR Sensor (1280 x 720 IP output)
Lens (motorized focus) 115-1200mm (10.5X) ƒ4.0, Autofocus Ge zoom lens
Field of view 6.4° ~ 0.61° HFOV (±3%)
Image enhancement Digital image contrast enhancement (dice) and digital zoom
Cooler lifetime 20,000+ hour rated Rotary Stirling cycle cooler
Pan and tilt Pan angle & speed Endless 360° 0.001°/s ~ 110°/s
Tilt angle & speed +65° to -65°, 0.001 ~ 70°/s
Accuracy 0.005°
Environmental Operational temperature -50°C ~ +65°C
Environmental MIL-STD-810F, EMI MIL-STD-461E, IP66/67

Anti-Drone System

Main Features of Detecting System

• Advanced 3D active phased-array radar

• Low false alarm rate and excellent ability in clutter suppression

• Multiple target capability: able to search at most 128 targets simultaneously

• Full-automatic searching and tracking, and supporting all day (24h) working

• Detection range ≥5km (depending on circumstances and drone type)

• User-friendly interface

Main Features of Jamming System

• Precise jamming without violence

• 9 frequency bands of jamming signals (Frequency bands and output power can be customized)

• Supporting automatic/manual models switching

• Remote control frequency jamming: coverage of all available civil drones

• Directional high-gain antennas mounted on Pan-Tilt platform can effectively track drone and transmit jamming signal in the direction of the drone

• Radar Module  x 1
• Jammer Module  x 1
• Camera Module  x 1
• User Manual  x 1
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