NovoQuad Group Exhibited at Expo Seguridad Mexico

NovoQuad Group Exhibited at Expo Seguridad Mexico

In collaboration with our strategic partner, our featured products have been exhibited at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2024 from the 16th to the 18th of April 2024, including ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System, ND-BD001 Portable Anti-Drone Jammer, ND-IM005 Standard Wi-Fi Interception System, ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System, and ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System.

The live demonstration of the products offered attendees a firsthand experience, drawing significant interest to the booth. Our professional team presented the products, conducted insightful demonstrations, and addressed inquiries regarding operational procedures and system functionalities.

Following the successful three-day exhibition, visitors to the booth expressed high satisfaction and a strong desire to further explore these innovative systems, affirming their potential to meet diverse security needs with efficiency and effectiveness.

As an innovation company in the security and defense industry, we are always committed to providing our customers with advanced and professional high-tech products and solutions.

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