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ND-BL003 Reactive Convoy Jammer


The ND-BL003 is specially developed for protection of VIPs, convoys and high security objects against threats from possible terrorist acts of explosive devices through radio controlled detonation.

The ND-BL003 is simply the best way to defend military convoys and troops from the threat of radioactivated and road-side bombs. The fully integrated reactive jamming system provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys, or VIP protection.


Frequency range 20MHz-6000MHz
Radius of radio controlled fuses blocking zone (by international measuring method) ≥1000m
Average speed of scanning of operation frequency range 3000 GHz/sec
Spectral density by power of jamming signal 10 W/kHz
Instantaneous bandwidth 20MHz/40MHz
Typical detection/Reaction latency 20~200μs
Spectral sensitivity -90dBm
Exciter signal generator switching speed 10μs
Dimensions 1200 X 1000 X 700mm
Weight Approx. 80kg


Bomb/RF Jamming System


• Ultra-fast detecting transmittance of radio signals for blasting and automatic spot jamming at the detected frequency within device operating frequency range

• Application of Smart Power® technology

• Device can operate in barrage if necessary

• Automatic optimal distribution of jamming power along operating frequency range

• High spectral density by power

• Built-in digital diagnostics system with system alarms

• Manufactured in compliance with military standards

Complete Set

• Jammer module  x 1 (or several)
• Antenna  x 1 (or several)
• Battery  x 1
• Power Supply  x 1
• Remote Control(optional)  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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