Micro-Drone Optimized Active Radar

Micro-Drone Optimized Active Radar

Traditional military and aeronautical radar systems designed to detect large aircrafts may have difficulty detecting small drones or distinguishing small drones from other objects such as birds. They may also have difficulty spotting and handling small drones that move slowly or hover in place. To solve this problem, NovoQuad has developed an active radar specifically designed to respond to the characteristics of small unmanned flights, the ND-BR001 Drone Detection Radar.

ND-BR001 is a multi-scenario, multi-target adaptive active radar. The radar design not only meets the operational and technical requirements of the current mainstream anti-drone radar specifications, but also integrates many advanced designs to cope with the changing threat scenarios of the future. The ND-BR001 combines a variety of advanced detection technologies to achieve accurate detection capabilities for micro drones. Precise energy distribution enables the ND-BR001 to cover the detection range as wide as possible. Programmable detection algorithms ensure multi-functional, multi-target detection capabilities. Furthermore, the built-in design with superior performance significantly enhances the detection capability of ND-BR001 in more cluttered environments, greatly improving the performance and tracking capability of low-altitude detection.

Each phased array antenna unit of the ND-BR001 is precisely designed, so that the phase and amplitude of the signal transmitted to each unit could be precisely controlled, achieving ultra-low side lobe energy. Lower side lobe energy means more concentrated main lobe energy. In other words, lower side lobe energy means higher detection efficiency under the same heat dissipation condition.

The ND-BR001 integrates a variety of signal processing technologies, which can greatly reduce the clutter caused by obstacles. With proprietary beam combination technology, the measurement accuracy at low elevation angle has been improved. The software-controlled signal processor can automatically match the pattern algorithm, thereby greatly suppressing different clutters (weather, terrain, etc.). The ND-BR001 can adapt to the best digital processing algorithm according to the environmental conditions at the time, so as to obtain more accurate distance and altitude information. All of the above designs and algorithms that are different from traditional radars are employed to better detect micro drones, which is also the most prominent advantage of NovoQuad’s Anti-Drone System.

At the beginning of the design of anti-drone systems, NovoQuad team focused on accurate detection of low-altitude micro drones. By adopting advanced intelligent algorithms to perform multiple cross-filtering and processing on the signals received by the sensors, the anti-drone systems have achieved stable detection performance under various environments.

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