Introducing Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System

Introducing Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System

ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System is an upgraded version of the Passive Anti-Drone System, tailored for safeguarding low-altitude airspace against consumer-grade small rotor drones. The system comprises a Detecting Unit (Full-Band RF Detector) and a Jamming Unit (Full-Band Directional Jammer).

Leveraging TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) and AOA (Angle of Arrival) composite passive positioning technology, the Detecting Unit detects and locates drones across full frequency bands. With its all-in-one design integrating all working modules into one radome, deployment is swift and simple. The Jamming Unit, coupled with the Detecting Unit, provides full-band jamming capabilities across mainstream drones and navigation frequency bands, with the option for independent or combined output of multiple jamming channels.

Thanks to the highly effective combination of these two components, ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System offers an ideal solution for protecting important gatherings, large-scale security operations, and other low-altitude protection tasks against drone threats.

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