Field Tests of Portable Anti-Drone System in Southeast Asia

Field Tests of Portable Anti-Drone System in Southeast Asia

From May 8th to 10th, 2024, our expert team conducted a series of field tests of ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System for our valued customers and local end users in Southeast Asia.

Our team provided detailed information about ND-BD003’s features and visually presented the real system for direct observation. Experts conducted a series of field tests at a designated location, demonstrating its drone detection and interference capabilities. Once the target drone was detected, its communication and navigation signals would be jammed automatically and effectively, which forced the drone to land or return to its starting point. These real demonstrations received positive feedback from both customers and local end users, leading to further discussions about on-going projects.

ND-BD003 is our premier All-In-One handheld anti-drone system, combining a built-in RF detector with a drone jammer into a compact and light-weight device. This integration simplifies anti-drone tasks by reducing the need for multiple devices and enhancing operational efficiency. It also supports an APP Control Platform, allowing operators to set user-defined frequency bands, access maps and alarm data, and check video recordings.

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