Demo Trip for Navy in Southeast Asia

In some areas of South Asia, violent crimes, terrorist crimes, illegal drug trades and other crime activities conducted by terrorists and armed rebels are rampant. The local governments pay much attention to these areas and order the military to concentrate manpower, material and financial resources to combat crimes in these areas.

In order to combat crimes, local navy officers purchased many bomb jammers in past years. As some jammers did not work well and navy officers were not satisfied with their functions or performances, new powerful and efficient jammers were needed to be purchased to replace some of them.

The ND-BL003 Reactive Convoy Jammer designed and developed by NovoQuad team is widely used to protect VIPs, convoys and high-security objects against threats of possible terroristic acts when explosive devices with radio controlled fuses may be used for it.

After checking the draft tender document based on normal barrage jamming technology from navy officers, NovoQuad team suggested navy officers to consider the new advanced reactive jamming technology. By comparing with the conventional barrage jamming technology with features of high output power, big weight and dimension, low efficiency and hazardous radiation, navy officers admired the advantages of the new advanced reactive jamming technology, that was safety, jamming radius reaching 1000m and no jamming frequency gap.

Thereafter, NovoQuad team was invited to make demonstrations of the ND-BL003 Reactive Convoy Jammer at the designed testing site from 10/12/2015 to 10/15/2015. The test results showed the advanced function and high performance of the system. The chief officers highly praised the new advanced reactive jamming technology of NovoQuad which successfully avoids the disadvantages of the barrage jamming technology. The engineering experts of NovoQuad also discussed with navy officers and technical staff regarding the details of the system, in order to better meet the needs of navy officers.

Navy officers gave a high appraisal to the performance of the ND-BL003 Reactive Convoy Jammer after using, and appreciated to the professional training services and customized services of NovoQuad. After that, NovoQuad team was also invited for further demonstrations of its advanced reactive jamming technology with other similar products.

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