Demo Trip for Army in South Asia

As criminal information is usually transferred through cell phones, the powerful system capable of monitoring cellular communications is urgently needed by armies, police departments, government agencies, etc. in various countries in the world.

Based on advanced technology research and development capabilities, the ND-IM005 Wi-Fi Interception System for monitoring, decrypting and intercepting wireless data has been updated with strong functions.

By invitation, NovoQuad team was invited to make demonstrations of the updated product at army bases in Southeast Asia from 2/20/2017 to 2/23/2017. Army officers highly praised the high performance and powerful functions of the system, and related potential order was under discussion and process.

At the end of this trip, NovoQuad team also discussed with the local police department and a large state-owned enterprise regarding further demonstrations of the product and related cooperation programs.

Next, the five field tests were held separately at army bases, office, headquarter and on the roofs of the office building and the highest hotel building. During the tests, the ND-IG001 GSM Interception System rapidly deciphered each voice conversation, SMS messages and DTMF codes within hundreds of meters, and created recorded communication sessions in the database simultaneously. All tests executed successfully, and the army officers and technical staff attending the field tests were full of praise for the test results and the high performance of the system. The chief officers also expressed that this advanced system would greatly help to fight against crimes and improve the effectiveness of army operations.

The one-week army demo trip in South Asia came to a successful end, and the potential order from army was under process.

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