After-sales Service for Army in Southeast Asia

Thanks to the U.S. engineering experts of Novoquad, the ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System has been updated with strong function, that is not only the down-range versus cross-range image, but also the static versus dynamic image of all moving targets could be showed at the video frame rate of the system.

To get this strong function into the system purchased by army, NovoQuad team was invited to debug and update the system on 2/16/2017. After testing, the software was updated to realize the strong function and the original monitoring module of the hardware was replaced by two monitoring modules for more advanced features. Army officers appreciated the timely and professional after-sales service of Novoquad, and also admired the advanced technology research and development capabilities of NovoQuad team.

At the end of this trip, the function and operation procedures of the ND-BU001 UAV Detecting and Jamming System, which is one of the most popular products of NovoQuad, was demonstrated, as well as potential demands on this system were discussed.

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