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Who we are?
NovoQuad is professional in Defense & Security Systems and specialized in delivering innovative security and counter-terrorist products and solutions with unmatched reliability, manufacturing flexibility, short lead time and satisfying technical support to its valued partners and end users.

Company Introduction
NovoQuad is a world-class defense and security product/solution supplier headquartered in Delaware, USA. NovoQuad offers a wide range of defense and security products and solutions designed for customers from government agencies, law enforcement agencies, military, police to corporate and civilian end users.

NovoQuad has many mature defense and security products mainly in six categories: Bomb/RF Jamming System, See Through Wall Radar System, Cellular Interception System, X-Ray Inspection System, Wi-Fi & Lawful Interception System, Monitoring Radar System. The technology research lab allows NovoQuad staying lead with providing state of the art products and services.