IMSI Catcher Detection Solution

The IMSI Catcher is widely adopted by law enforcement and police department to locate and track mobile phones within certain area, for purpose of protecting public security or carrying out surveillance tasks. By acting as fake cell tower, the IMSI Catcher will trick a target phone to connect to it, and then monitor the target phone. The communications over the target phone, such as calls, text messages, internet traffic, will go through the IMSI Catcher and be monitored, without the knowledge of the target. In addition, the IMSI Catcher could locate the target by measuring the strength of the signal from the target phone.

The IMSI Catcher specially designed by Novoquad team supports all available GSM, UMTS and LTE frequency (700-2700MHz), which can utilize a mobile device’s IMSI, IMEI, and TMSI to track and locate the target.

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