Cellular Interception Solution

Nowadays, interception of communications has become the most important task in surveillance field to take preempt actions against terrorism and felonies. Reliable and portable interception systems are critical to the success of interception and monitoring operations.

The Cellular Interception System developed by NovoQuad allows law enforcement agencies to monitor and track criminal and terrorist elements with significant efficiency, by monitoring their activities and keeping logs records of their conversations.

The Cellular Interception System is designed for active and passive interception of voice and data transmission on mobile GSM, CDMA and Thuraya networks. The system may be customized based on the demands and requirements of law enforcement agencies who intend to acquire cellular interception solutions to monitor specific regions and segments. For example, the GSM Interception System is capable of collecting lots of valuable voice or data information related to national security or crime prosecution. In addition, the cellular locating system could be configured to detect and locate mobile phones operating in standard GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900 frequencies.

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GSM Interception System
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