ND-XN001 Portable X-ray Inspection System

ND-XN001 Portable X-Ray Inspection System is a unique portable X-ray inspection system with a 0.8mm strong focus X-ray source. The voltage can be adjusted from 20 to 120KV, which allows the inspection of objects made of different material, density and thickness. One of the system’s advantages is its capability of inspecting objects in fine details by using geometric magnification (up to 40 times). Dual energy option allows recognition both organic and inorganic objects.

The images are reproduced on the monitor of control unit in pseudo colors, with enhanced contrast or in dual energy mode. Zooming in any of the nine areas of the screen allows better inspection. Obtained images can be stored in the control unit memory for further analysis or as references (up to 30,000 images). Stored images can be edited and embedded with additional texts, graphics and voice information.

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Total filtration (aluminum equivalent)
• When using Generator RE 120/RE 100MN
Interchangeable convertor viewing area 14inch (screen size)
16:9 (display scale – widescreen)
Control unit resolution (ThinkPad T460) 1920×1080 pixel (physical resolution)
Image store capacity of control unit 1TB
Image presentation modes Positive, negative, pseudocolor, contrast enhanced
Copper wire resolution (in free space) 0.1mm
Image acquisition performance of control unit 200 images/h
X-ray radiation mode 1 to 20sec continuous exposure
Wireless communication range up to 30m
Power voltage
• All except RE 120
• RE 120
120 260 VAC 50±1/60±1Hz
180 260 VAC 50±1/60±1Hz
Weight 25kg max

Portable X-ray Inspection System/Portable X-Ray machine

• Rapid set-up procedures, high operating efficiency

• High productivity

• Good detection ability

• Ability to store shade images of X-rayed objects in database for further

• Can be powered by rechargeable batteries

• Control Unit  x 1
• Interchangeable Convertor  x 1
• X-ray Generator  x 1
• Transportation Case  x 1
• User Manual  x 1