ND-IG001 GSM Interception System

ND-IG001 GSM Interception System is a wideband monitoring and interception system designed to monitor cellular communication, displaying information in real time as well as saving it for future analysis.

Basic Tasks:

  • Wideband receiver monitors cellular network at 900/1800 or 850/1900MHz
  • Create recorded communication sessions in Data Base
  • Evaluate the current status in targeted zone, detect the registration of the BS stations and display the corresponding parameters
  • Fast search and complex filtering by specified parameters of requested data from the records in Data Base
  • Control of the system by remote terminal via Internet or LAN interface
  • Decipher voice conversation, SMS messages & DTMF codes in real time
  • Identify the communication sessions and registration for the parameters of the target phones
  • Statistical and structural filtering and analysis of all the monitored results

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Basic Design Digital Down Converter(DDC)
Frequency range 900/1800 or 850/1900 MHz
Switch from one frequency to another ≤0.0005 sec
Cracking time in A5.1 algorithm (Kc) 50 keys per second
Processing of incoming traffic 99%
Low power consumption less than 800W
Power supply 220(110)V or 12V
Operating system Windows-10
Working condition In WAV format on any PC using standard software programs
Dimensions 579 x 465 x 297mm
Weight 28Kg

Cellular Interception System

• Based on the DDC (Digital Down Converter) wideband adaptive digital receiver

• Receiver can function in any pair of frequency ranges (850/900 or 1800/1900 MHz)

• Enables operation with up to 256 simultaneously controlled communication sessions.

• It can control simultaneously function of close to 48 different BTS or operators

• The average rate of the concurrently intercepted voice calls, text and data in the typical operation case in average is in the range of 40-60 conversations but can reach up to 256 calls

• The receiver logic provides effective distribution of resources and flexible adjustment to operator tasks

• “Black List” function allows isolate specific phones from the interception by the System

• R&D Unit (receiver and deciphering unit)  x 1
• Control PC (in industrial case together with item 1)  x 1
• Special Software  x 1
• Cable  x 1
• Set of Antennas (1 directional and 2 omni-directional)  x 1
• “Engineer’s” Mobile Phone  x 1
• Tripod for Directional Antenna  x 1
• Head Phone  x 1
• User Manual  x 1
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