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ND-IM009 IMSI 2G/3G/4G Catcher


The ND-IM009 is specially designed for “off-air” extraction and verification of GSM, UMTS and LTE mobile phone subscribers’ IMSI and IMEI in various environments and fast-changing scenarios. It is a small backpack catcher which can work under different operating scenarios with easy setup and rapid deployment to support hand-carry operation.

The ND-IM009 supports all available GSM, UMTS and LTE frequency (700-2700MHz). It has up to 0.5 watt internal power amplifier, can finish GSM/UMTS/LTE scanner, compatible with tower sharing agreement between operators, and compatible with number with different operator features.


The operation supported standards GSM, UMTS, FDD LTE, TDD LTE
System frequency range 700 MHz to 2700 MHz
Available frequency bands All mobile bands
Initial warm-up time ≤5mins
Mounting Ruggedized construction
Redirection by downgrading to UMTS or GSM technologies Downgrades a Target's mobile from LTE FDD or TDD to a specific UMTS or GSM channel. Also downgrades UMTS to a GSM channel
GSM/UMTS/LTE IMSI catching modes Accept Mode, Reject Mode, Selective Accept Mode, Selective Reject Mode and Denial of Service Mode
Existence check Voice indicating that the target has been caught or the target has been removed from the network, meanwhile it will become grayed out on the system screen
Distance measurement GSM: 600m in an urban environment and 1km in rural areas UMTS/LTE: 300m in an urban environment and 600m in rural areas
Data storage Captured information is stored on the laptop DB with Microsoft BackOffice application to enable SQL queries and retrievals.
At least 50,000 different IMSI numbers and ability to query database online & offline.
The GUI of system has filtering tools to analyze the repeated identification from multiple sessions, exchange of SIM card, exchange of handset.
Network scanner The system has GSM and UMTS scanner.
The network scanner is the integral part of the system.
All data from the network scanner will be sent to GUI via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.
GPS location The system has GPS module to get the location.
Battery The system has an internal battery supporting at least 4 hour of operation.
Power consumption 50W Max
Weight ≤10.0Kg
Operating temperature -10℃ to 55℃


Cellular Interception System


• Supporting Accept Mode, Reject Mode, Selective Accept Mode, Selective Reject Mode and Denial of Service Mode

• In addition to IMSI/IMEI, the system can capture TMSI of target phone as well

• Having embedded GSM priority module that is transmitted over the BCCH channel

• Possible to search a target in the vicinity of the system based on its IMSI or IMEI numbers

• Can query and set all network parameters visible on the handset display

• Having Wi-Fi Targeting Option

• Able to collect all information covertly with minimum interference to the subscribers

Complete Set

• Portable multi-network UMTS/GSM/LTE identity extraction unit  x 1
• Antenna  X1 (or several)
• Small Covert Backpack  x 1
• Homing Device  x 1
• 30W External Power Amplifier  x 1
• External Battery Charger  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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