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ND-BP009 Portable Bomb Jammer


The ND-BP009 is a portable signal jamming device and specially designed and developed for protection of personal and property safety against threats from possible terrorist acts of explosive devices through radio controlled detonation.

By adopting the advanced jamming technology, the system can scan the wideband frequency range from 20MHz to 6000MHz with stable performance. Equipped with built-in battery, the system can use both electric power supply and battery power supply. Pull-rod appearance design makes the system much more portable and flexible to carry, and user-friendly control panel makes the system much easier to be operated.

Due to its significant advantages, the system is widely applicable to large-scale stadiums, special police teams, counter-terrorism forces, drug control units, explosion-proof, explosives detonation teams, checkpoints, hostage negotiations, frontier defenses, etc.

Frequency bands and output power can be customized based on demands and circumstance.


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Jamming system Digital-based interference
Frequency bands 20MHz - 6000MHz (15 bands)
Total output power 180W
Jamming range (radius) 15-100m (depending on transmitting frequency and situations)
Effective jamming area The area center is the jammer, the jamming angle is 360°
Antenna 6 antennas for Omni-directional
Power supply Built-in lithium battery 28V20AH, SMPS: AC220V/50Hz
Continuous working time More than 8 hours (Built-in lithium battery≥1 hour)
Self-protection With protection functions of overpress, overcurrent, overheat, open/short circuit, etc.
Host dimension 625 × 500 × 297mm
Host weight ≤32Kg
Working temperature -15℃- 50℃


Bomb/RF Jamming System


• Adopt digital scrambling jamming technology to ensure good jamming capability

• Jamming coverage range from 20 to 6000MHz

• Jamming radius at least 15 meters (depending on circumstances)

• Able to efficiently and evenly jam signals of all frequency bands, jamming performance of the whole system will not be influenced by any poor jamming effect on certain frequency (such as interphone frequency)

• High efficient output power, long jamming radius, high stability and consistency of circuit

• Perfect self-protection: overheat and overcurrent protection, high input voltage and low voltage protection, open/short circuit protection and VSWR protection

• Easy to operate, flexible and portable to carry

• Shock absorber design to protect the device from damaging caused by high speed driving

Complete Set

• Jammer host  x 1
• Antenna  x 6
• Power cord  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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