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Near Field Monitoring Solution

Counter Surveillance

In today's world of high-tech devices, near-field surveillance and monitoring is quite critical for regional security, no matter for battlefield intelligence reconnaissance in conventional warfare, search of criminal targets or border protection.

Given the importance of field surveillance and monitoring, NovoQuad team is proud to introduce the Near Field Monitoring Solution which is widely adopted to target the ground movement, low-altitude helicopters and sea targets, and find the target to achieve positioning and its classification and identification.

The Near Field Monitoring System designed and developed by NovoQuad team is a reconnaissance and surveillance radar with high-performance detection function, multi-target display function, audio alarm function and tracking record function. The system could accurately detect various objects, such as single soldier, crowd, vehicle, tank, armed vehicle, helicopter, various types of the vessels, etc. Based on a series of technical measures, the system is capable of detecting and extracting target information in a complex environment with strong clutter.

The obvious advantages of the system are showed during use, including high-quality components, easy installation, 24 hours of continuous work, all-weather work ability and anti-interference ability. Considering there may be no sufficient technicians at the system installation site, the diagnostic function and backup replacement function were equipped with the system to shorten the maintenance time.

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Near Field Monitoring System