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Communication Interception Solution

Nowadays, interception of communications has become the most important task in surveillance field. Reliable and portable interception solutions are critical to the success of interception operations.

The Communication Monitoring Cellular Interception System developed by NovoQuad team enables law enforcement agencies to monitor and track criminal and terrorist elements. By using our solution, the enemies of the state and suspects could be dealt with before they strike. How? By listening to them, monitoring their activities and keeping logs record of their conversations.

The Communication Interception System could be developed and customized for government agencies looking to acquire a cellular interception solution for the region they seek to monitor. For example, the GSM Interception System is capable of providing a good deal of valuable information, whether it is voice or data evidence that needs to be collected and monitored. Besides, the cellular locating system could be configured to detect and locate mobile phones operating in standards of GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900.

With our state-of-the-art communication monitoring technologies, various communication interception systems and solutions could be developed and customized for government agencies and their authorized representatives.

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