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Novoquad launches New Wifi interception system

Our new ND-IM004 Wifi interception system is now availiable.

ND-IM004 Wifi interception system is a compact 802.11 networks interceptor. It is capable of recording and decrypting wireless LAN networks traffic. A built-in scanner module gives detailed information about in range WLAN devices.

With the function of data capturing and filtering. Wifi interception system captures data from all Wi-Fi channels simultaneously in a forensically sound way. Having identified the MAC address of a specific target it is then possible to enable all radio’s to capture data from that one specific MAC address so that in the event of the target ‘Channel Hopping’ to avoid detection the data will still be caught. The data from a specific MAC address can then be ‘Streamed’ in near real time for further analysis.

It has the active attacks. To enable the recovery of Network Keys it is necessary to capture the 4 way hand shake that is used in WPA encryption. If a session is already active the interceptor will have ‘missed’ the handshake, so there is a need to be able to actively stimulate a new handshake. This is accomplished in the Wifi interception system by actively attacking the target network to force the handshake procedure to take place.