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Novoquad launches New Mobile locating system

Our new ND-IM003 Mobile locating system is now availiable.

The ND-IM003 is designed to provide Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and intelligence organizations with the capability to obtain location information for cellular subscribers of networks belonging to the GSM evolution family of network, regardless of the network which currently serves them. It will needs only access to one such network, from which it will actively track the location of the target numbers using only their MSISDN virtually anywhere in the world. The obtained location is in the form of a Cell-ID, which is then compared to several Data Bases of Cell-IDs locations and then translated to estimated coordinates.

The quality of the location obtained will be the best possible & will vary, depending on the cell radius, which is derivative of network density. In urban areas this can be a relatively small area, whereas in rural environments the obtained location can be significantly larger. If the cell’s location is unknown, the system will provide the area in which the subscriber is found or at least the country.

Target number can be defined for querying either in real time or periodically. Real time targeting will produce an immediate on-screen result, both alphanumerically and graphically. Periodic targeting enables having specific subscribers on a “watch list” which makes sure that their location are monitored continuously.